This piece truly symbolizes pain to me.  What inspired me to do this is most recently many of my friends have experience pain through divorce, unfaithfulness, and cowardice.  It is with that I was able to picture this sequence.  My piece depicts a man who can no longer take the relationship he is in and chooses to end it all.  I hope you enjoy.





Technology in film has played one of the most important roles in how we tell stories and depict them.  As our technology has gotten better so has our ability to tell complex stories and depict them in way that is new and interesting to us. I will talk a little below about how the world of film is going to change and where its at now.


Film has evolved as the technology has gotten better, and in order for that to occur the technology needs to become more advanced and cheaper.  Economy plays a huge role in how film has been able to progress.  It was initially thought that film would become boring and simply fade away to people when it was more of a device for carnival novelty than anything else.  It wasn’t until the establishment of cinema that it became a popular tool to entertain the masses.


Film is always changing and it will most likely be only a couple more generations before people are going to ask why it is even called film, seeing as how everything is transitioning into the digital age.  The progression of our ability to create and design films in purely digital settings has escalated so much that almost every scene in every film contains some form of CGI.


I could not find anyone who could tell me where they think the future of film is going to go so I am going to state where it is going.  There will still be movie theaters 1000 years from now I verified that with Mr. Cameron.  Where I believe film is going is an enhancement of the existing 3d crap that they are showing now(economy go figure).  I would imagine that they are going to also expand on the imax technology but instead of spreading the picture across a big fishbowl, I expect that you will have four cylindrical goggles that allow you to perceive a full 180 degree view of what you are watching as well as enhance it with existing 3d technologies.  I know I fancy myself as being right all the time but I do truly believe that the annoying glasses we are wearing in theaters are going to evolve as well as our experience in theaters.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

One of my favorite directors has to be Clint Eastwood.  His style is unmatched in his ability to portray raw emotion and capture your attention.  He achieves this ability by placing himself in the story, whether as a character or how he develops the characters.  His three best films all involve him playing the role of the shepherd.  Spacecowboys,  Gran Torino, and Million Dollar Baby all captured me for the entire viewing and are perfect examples of what he is capable of as a director.  Mr. Eastwood has directed over thirty titles in his time and is a master at bringing the audience into his world.

Spacecowboys is a fantastic film.  It involves four old farts working together to launch into space to fix an old Russian satellite that is going to crash to earth unless they stop it.  I can tell that Clint had some fun with this one.  It is quite humorous and it doesn’t feel fake at any point(Armageddon).

Gran Torino is by far my absolute favorite film by him.  The world that is created in this film sucks you in right off the bat and keeps you there as you find yourself connecting to every character on the screen pro or antagonist.  There is no part of this film that I feel Eastwood didn’t absolutely feel compassionate about.  All of the shots are beautiful and the characters could not be better portrayed including Clint’s role.  What absolutely struck me was the conclusion of this film featuring a song that he sings.  I would never in a million years imagine the Clint Eastwood could both sing and create a fantastic song.  Every moving piece in this film feels carefully constructed and without comparison.

Million Dollar Baby is his baby.  You are immediately connected to the main character and led through her development as a boxer from scrub to champion, carefully guided by Clint’s character.  The raw emotion of this film is like being on a rocky voyage, every emotion washing over you forcing your sympathy.

He is even a character in his speeches 🙂


The art that inspires the Logan

Three forms of art that inspire me.  My inspirations fluctuate based on what I am obsessed with at the time, that being said three forms of art that inspire me are action movies, a compelling narrative, and guns.


I know you are thinking, “huh, wait, what, guns??”  Yes!  I love guns, shooting them, watching how they are depicted and understanding what guns have what effects on people.  Frankly, guns are sexy, people like sexy and I am interested in what is entertaining and fun at the same time.  Guns are absolutely an art.  Every gun has its own sound, feel, application, and destruction.  There is no greater influence in film than the firearm.

Action movies. 

For me a quality action movie is Beverly Hills Cop.  Tons of action, humor and a story that doesn’t let you go until its over.  Action is present in almost everything we view.  I love the action whether it be, fist fighting, guns blazing, alien smashing action!  It fascinates me what form of fighting is chosen for whatever we are watching.  The matrix uses fancy Asian fighting, Die Hard has Bruce Willis with a gunslinger mentality towards a firefight, or even Men in Black with crazy little cricket laser gun fights.

Compelling Narrative.

I list this as one of my favorite arts because it is so rare.  I can only acknowledge one film in recent time as falling in this category recently and that was Super 8.  For me a compelling narrative is a story that is believable and the characters depicted in the film are genuine.  It is an art that very view people possess the knowledge or creativity to replicate.  With Hollywood churning a new version of an existing film every two seconds its not likely that I will be surprised again any time soon.