Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

One of my favorite directors has to be Clint Eastwood.  His style is unmatched in his ability to portray raw emotion and capture your attention.  He achieves this ability by placing himself in the story, whether as a character or how he develops the characters.  His three best films all involve him playing the role of the shepherd.  Spacecowboys,  Gran Torino, and Million Dollar Baby all captured me for the entire viewing and are perfect examples of what he is capable of as a director.  Mr. Eastwood has directed over thirty titles in his time and is a master at bringing the audience into his world.

Spacecowboys is a fantastic film.  It involves four old farts working together to launch into space to fix an old Russian satellite that is going to crash to earth unless they stop it.  I can tell that Clint had some fun with this one.  It is quite humorous and it doesn’t feel fake at any point(Armageddon).

Gran Torino is by far my absolute favorite film by him.  The world that is created in this film sucks you in right off the bat and keeps you there as you find yourself connecting to every character on the screen pro or antagonist.  There is no part of this film that I feel Eastwood didn’t absolutely feel compassionate about.  All of the shots are beautiful and the characters could not be better portrayed including Clint’s role.  What absolutely struck me was the conclusion of this film featuring a song that he sings.  I would never in a million years imagine the Clint Eastwood could both sing and create a fantastic song.  Every moving piece in this film feels carefully constructed and without comparison.

Million Dollar Baby is his baby.  You are immediately connected to the main character and led through her development as a boxer from scrub to champion, carefully guided by Clint’s character.  The raw emotion of this film is like being on a rocky voyage, every emotion washing over you forcing your sympathy.

He is even a character in his speeches 🙂



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