The art that inspires the Logan

Three forms of art that inspire me.  My inspirations fluctuate based on what I am obsessed with at the time, that being said three forms of art that inspire me are action movies, a compelling narrative, and guns.


I know you are thinking, “huh, wait, what, guns??”  Yes!  I love guns, shooting them, watching how they are depicted and understanding what guns have what effects on people.  Frankly, guns are sexy, people like sexy and I am interested in what is entertaining and fun at the same time.  Guns are absolutely an art.  Every gun has its own sound, feel, application, and destruction.  There is no greater influence in film than the firearm.

Action movies. 

For me a quality action movie is Beverly Hills Cop.  Tons of action, humor and a story that doesn’t let you go until its over.  Action is present in almost everything we view.  I love the action whether it be, fist fighting, guns blazing, alien smashing action!  It fascinates me what form of fighting is chosen for whatever we are watching.  The matrix uses fancy Asian fighting, Die Hard has Bruce Willis with a gunslinger mentality towards a firefight, or even Men in Black with crazy little cricket laser gun fights.

Compelling Narrative.

I list this as one of my favorite arts because it is so rare.  I can only acknowledge one film in recent time as falling in this category recently and that was Super 8.  For me a compelling narrative is a story that is believable and the characters depicted in the film are genuine.  It is an art that very view people possess the knowledge or creativity to replicate.  With Hollywood churning a new version of an existing film every two seconds its not likely that I will be surprised again any time soon.


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